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Who launched Pinterest, its purpose, and history

Pinterest is actually a cell phone application that also works on the web. This is system software specially designed to search information on the web and display only images as a result. The results can be in the form of PNG file, GIF images or any kind of video. This actually provides a collective catalog with multiple ideas and inspires users by providing a variety of ideas. This is not just an image-based network, but also provides an opportunity for people to try new things. Some of the basic information about this website should be known by everyone and that is as follows.

Founder of Pinterest

This social media site was founded by Ben Silbermann along with the teammates Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. Ben Silbermann is the CEO of this social media site and has a great vision of this website.


buy instagram viewsThe basic purpose behind the formation of Pinterest is to provide a platform to collect the images of the same genre at the same place. Registration is required to use this network and once registered, they become official users. The users of this site can then upload, sort, search and save the images available on the site. Some collections are known as Pinboards that can be made by collecting different media content. New content can also be uploaded by using the feature of pin it. The popularity of this site has grown so much that some of the websites offer a separate “pin it: button in white and red color to offer pin option directly. A new feature is also introduced for searching the items using images rather than words.


Pinterest was actually developed in 2009 and it was launched in the year 2010. At first, it enabled people to save and categorize images on multiple boards. The boards of other users can also be followed. Users showed a lot of interest on this site and a lot of new content started to appear on the site. The early growth of Pinterest was not according to the expectations of the developers and was much less as compared to Instagram followers. The iPhone app was developed in the year 2011 and this boosted the users of this website. The app for iPad was offered in 2011 and a website version of this social media site was also offered to cater the market of non-phone users.


This lead to great success and in 2011 this was among the top 50 websites according to Times magazine. However, at the end of the year, it came out to be in top 10 websites of the year. The traffic of this website started to boost and ended up having the users in comparison to the big competitors. There were a lot of ways to register on this site. Invitations were sent to potential users with the help of friends already using the app or they could also request an invitation to access the site. This website faced a lot of growth in the years 2012 to 2017.