How social media marketing is taking over the traditional marketing channels?

Traditional Marketing involves the marketing channels that we are well aware about and we used to use it more often. It involves print media, broadcast media, telephonic advertisement and direct mail. These media channels are old and now are lacking behind due to social media marketing.

Print media is the oldest form of marketing that involves the marketing in written form on papers, newspapers, newsletters etc.

Broadcast media marketing involves telecasted advertisements on television and radios.

Direct mail marketing involves publishing brochures, pamphlets, catalogs and filers to market your product.

Telephone market is done through making calls or sending messages to the customers and advertising about the aimed product.

After having a brief idea of traditional market, now here is the reason why traditional market has been put back by social media marketing.

With the use of social media marketing like Twitter Followers Buy from Tweetnfollow, you can make a large audience your target, not only at domestic level but also on the international level to a specific age, class and gender group. This will make you advertisement more effective.

Traditional marketing normally doesn’t give the right choice to its audience. While in social media market your audience themselves could select the way they want to get the message of yours. They could select in between reading an article or just by watching a video.

Using social media channels for marketing makes you to save extra costs that might be incurred in traditional marketing so this method is cost effective and that is why people have started to opt it more.

You can get the customers feedback and the results right after sometime you post the advertisement and through this way you could be better in touch with your audience and could better learn about their choices and preferences.

People are becoming more conscious of the brands than ever before and social media provides you with the opportunity to form your brand image.

Using social marketing makes it’s easier to get your message conveyed to a large number of audiences within no time as compared to the traditional media marketing channels. So we can say that   it provides more customers reachable to your advertisement than the traditional marketing channels could.

By using the social media marketing channels, you have more options to be strategic and effective results in your marketing activities and you are expected to get the results soon.

So, we could now say that by providing these too many advantages, social media has lacked the traditional media market. But still it’s not like that the traditional marketing has become obsolete. People are still using traditional media marketing as they seem it more convenient than social media marketing may be because of lack of knowledge about social media marketing’s advantages or there could be any reason. But the point is that the trend of shift of people towards social media marketing and leaving traditional marketing channels is more than ever before and is increasing day by day.