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Facts You Need To Know About Kimberly Anne Scott


Early Life Of Kimberly Anne Scott:

Kimberly Anne Scott is one of the most famous and beautiful personality. She was born on 9 Jan 1975 in the Warren, Michigan U.S. to Casimer Sluck and the Kathleen Sluck. Kimberly Anne Scott had a twin sister but she was died just because of taking an overdose of drugs in Jan 2016. She has spent her childhood with her mother and steps father which was not a good time. Both sisters ran away from their home and they started to live in a youth home in 1988. After passing few months they got out from the shelter home and started to live with Eminem and his mother Debbie Nelson.

Dating Affair Of Eminem And Kimberly Anne Scott:

They met with each other at a party of their mutual friend, at that time her age was 13 and Eminem age was 15 years old. That was the only day when she got ours from that youth home. Eminem was singing a song in a party when Kim was entered in a party and the song was “I’m Bad”an LL Cool J’s rap song.

When he met the Kim he brought her to his home. A new relationship was begun between both of them and they started to like and love each other.

When Eminem was in 9th grade he dropped the school and took up a job just to support him and to build his career.

Kim and Eminem took up a new place to live when his mother threw them out of her home just because of becoming frustrating.

It is such a challenge for the couple when she unexpectedly got pregnant it is a difficult time for both of them. Kin gave birth to a child on the day of Christmas. The name of a child is Hailie.


After the birth of their child, the Eminem was juggling between both of his family and his musical ambitious that was unfulfilled at that time. It was a toll on their relationship. They broke up with each other again and reconcile time-time. We can also say that they broke up and patch up many times. They both were confused about their relationship that badly affects their life. To support his family he started to work overtime as a dishwasher and he was earning $5.5 an hour.

Marriage And Divorce Of Couple:

They both got married on 14th June.  1999. At that time he was reaching new heights with his career as a rapper. With the passage of time, he has become a fan favorite rapper. It became too much hard for the Kim to manage the humiliation of public just because of the performance of Eminem. Kim tries to kill herself and she was slashing his wrist with a blade. At the same time, the Eminem witnessed Kim kissing a man John Guerra with both of their acquaintance when he saw that he hit that man with a gun due to which he got arrested. And soon the Eminem filed a case for divorce and it was finalized in 2001.