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3 Facts about Arab world institute people did not know

Before knowing the interesting facts, let’s discuss what the Arab world institute is. Actually, this institute is working in Paris as a cultural center for the Arab world. The civilization of Arab world is preserved here, the main attraction here for most of the people is that the terrace is really fascinating. The terrace provides an amazing view of the whole city which is really breathtaking. The structure of the building consists of two large architectural designs. An in-depth understanding of the Arab world is created and then it is depicted in the form of cultural depictions. This is done to make people in Europe aware of the civilization and culture of Arab countries. Following are some interesting facts about Arab world institute.


The architecture of this building is really amazing and offers many distinctive points that are noticeable. Most of the people do not know the facts behind this architectural structure. The alignment between the faculty of Humanities, Science and Arts is made to maintain a harmony. This is in the form of a large square. The floors are made with steel in polished form. It has total eleven floors which are combined from the fourth floor onwards. The most interesting fact about the building is the faced. The whole lighting system is controlled by the building itself. The reflections are controlled in a way that the building remains enlightened by playing with the light and reflections. The light is entered through the “moucharabiehs” on the south side.

Specialty of museum and library

There are 22 members present in the League of the Arab states; they are geographically represented in the museum in an attractive manner. This is a huge reason for the popularity of the institute. The museum is spread over multiple floors depicting all the cultural aspects. There are also many exhibitions on a larger level which are held every year in the museum. In the library, there are multiple collections about the civilization of the Arab world in various languages. There are three levels of the library which are arranged in a beautiful tower of books. The tower is in spiral shape ranging from the first to the seventh floor.

Levels of works

The diversity of Arab world is shown in different ways through the architecture and things present in the Arab world institute. There is a total of 560 works which are distributed on the network of four different levels. The main floor is made of steel, however; other materials include the use of textiles, ceramics, bronze, scientific objects, woodwork, and illuminations etc. All these things add up to form the exceptional combination of a beautiful building having many meaningful things to offer.

Arab world institute is no doubt an extraordinary piece of work which shows the civilization as well as the culture of the Arab and Islamic world. The main purpose behind its presence in Paris is to increase the know-how of Arab world among the people of Europe.